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AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3 Philips

AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips

AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3 Philips

AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips yang kami jual di toko alkes rasani medika online sangat berkualitas dengan harga yang terjabgkau relatif lebih murah yang ada di wilayah jakarta dan tangerang selatan, Karena kami rasani medika adalah distributor dari beberapa alkes yang kami jual. AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips ini alat yang berguna untuk mengejutkan jantung di kala sedang terdesak atau darurat ketika sesoran pingsan karena tercebur di air maka alat ini akan secara automatis mendeteksi apa saja yang harus di lakukan agar detak jantungnya kembali seperti semula sampai sadarkan diri. Alat AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips ini sudah di percaya oleh beberapa perusahaan medis yang ada di indonesia sampai macanegara karena memang kualitasnya sudah terjamin.

AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips
AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3Philips

Spesifikasi AED HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator Philips :

Models : 861388 (text display)
861389 (ECG and text display)
Supplied with AED, primary battery (1), SMART Pads III (1 set), printed instructions (Setup Guide) and CD-ROM (Administrative Reference)
Waveform : SMART biphasic Truncated Exponential waveform parameters adjust as a function of patient impedance. Adult nominal peak current 32A (150J into a 50 ohm load); pediatric nominal peak current 19A (50J into a 50 ohm load) using optional Infant/Child Key
Shock delivery : Via defibrillator pads placed in the anterior-anterior (Lead II) position for adults; anterior-posterior position for infants and children under 55 lbs (25 kg) or 8 years old
Controls : On/Off button, shock button, option buttons. Auto-On feature, when used with the optional FR3 carry case, enables FR3 to power up when case lid is opened
Indicators : High-resolution color LCD, beeper, voice prompts, tones and chirps, audio speaker, connector socket, ready light, shock button
Advanced Mode : Configurable using optional HeartStart Configure software
Screen LCD color display, 320 x 240 pixels. 2.8″ x 2.1″ (7.2 cm x 5.4 cm)
Bandwidth 1 Hz to 30 Hz (-3dB), nominal (non-diagnostic)
Monitored Lead Lead II using anterior-anterior adult pads placement
Size 2.7″ high x 5.3″ wide x 8.7″ deep (6.9 cm x 13.5 cm x 22.1 cm)
Weight 3 lbs 8 oz (1.6 kg) with FR3 standard battery installed
Sealing Meets IEC529 class IP55 with battery installed
Temperature Operating/standby: 32°–122°F (0°– 50°C)
Altitude 0 –15,000 feet (0 –4,572 meters)
Shock/drop Meets MIL-STD-810F 516.4, Procedure IV
Abuse tolerance After a ibe-meter drop to any edge, corner, or surface in standby mode
Vibration Meets MIL-STD-810F 514.5 C-17
Patient Impedance Range Minimum: 15 ohm (internal defibrillation); 25 ohm (external defibrillation)
Maximum: 180 ohm
AED Mode Shock advisory sensitivity and specificity meet AAMI DF-39 guidelines
Function Transmit retrospective event data or

configuration setting wirelessly

ECG analysis Evaluates impedance of defibrillator pads for proper contact with patient skin, evaluates the ECG rhythm and signal quality to determine if a shock is appropriate; also detects artifact and pacemaker
SMART CPR Evaluates key characteristics of the presenting VF and determines the initial therapy: shock first, or CPR first quickly followed by a shock
Sensitivity/specificity Meets AAMI DF80 requirements and AHA recommendations for adult defibrillation
Quick Shock Typically arms in <8 seconds from the end of the “Stop CPR” prompt
Type 12 VDC, 4.7 Ah, lithium manganese dioxide long-life primary cells
Capacity Typically 300 shocks or 12 hours of operating time at 77° F (25° C) when configured for monitoring after No Shock Advised (NSA)
Standby life 3 years minimum when stored under standby environmental conditions (battery installed)
Shelf life 5 years
Automatic self-tests Test internal circuitry, waveform delivery system, ECG acquisition, temperature, status (or readiness) of attached accessories (SMART Pads III and FR3 data card) and battery
Automated self-test frequency Daily, weekly, monthly, power on, and runtime during all modes of operation
User initiated tests Automatic self-tests plus tone, display, and button performance
Function Places FR3 into a scenario-based training mode and simulates shock therapy
Type 10.8 Volt, 4.5 Ah Li-ion battery

Kami juga menjual defibrillator dengan tipe dan merk lainya diantaranya :

  • AED Defibrillator Metsis LIfe Point Pro
  • AED Defibrillator Samaritan 250p
  • AED Defibrillator Zall Plus
  • AED Defibrillator Heartstart FRx Philips
  • AED Defibrillator Heartstart FR3 Philips
  • Defibrillator Biphasic Metsis
  • Defibrillator Monophasic Metsis

Produk EKG yang kami jual :

CW1103LW Medi 3 Channel EKG
CW1106L Medi 6 Channel EKG
CW1112M Medi EKG 12 Channel
CW.T12 Medi EKG 12 Channel ( Stress EKG )

Berikut produk kami yang termasuk Ecatalog :

*Produk yang sudah tayang di LKPP
PTS1710 MAP PTS Lipid Panels Test Strip 15s
PTS1708 MAP CardioChek Propesional Analyzer (PA)
PTS1711 MAP PTS Total Cholsterol 25s
CW1106L MEDI ECG-1106L
BDF.DP12 BEDFONT MICRO (Smokerlyzer) D-Piece Smokerlyzer 12s
BDF.SB250 BEDFONT MICRO (Smokerlyzer) Steribeath Moutpiece Smokerlyzer 250s

*Produk dalam proses penayangan di LKPP

PTS3024 A1C Now 10s
PTS3021 A1C Now 20s
PTS1709 PTS CardioChek meter (NonPA)
PTS1713 PTS Glucose 25s
PTS1716 PTS Triglycerides 25s
PTS2412 PTS Panel Chol+HDL+Glu
PTS2750 PTS Printer Sieko 650
GLB.SP BeneCheck PLUS 3in1 Meter
GLB.C10 BeneCheck Total Chol 10s
GLB.G50 BeneCheck Glucose 50s
GLB.UA25 BeneCheck Uric Acid 25s

Video youtube produk kami :

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AED Defibrillator HeartStart FR3 Philips

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